Denture Services
covering Essex

Romford Denture Clinic will provide a personal and friendly denture service to you, the patient. Starting with the initial consultation through to the construction of the dentures and final fitting process, the technician will work to meet your individual requirements; from a full set or partial denture, a reline, or alteration to an existing denture.

Free advice can be given at any time on the best course of action.

Denture services at Romford Denture Clinic:

  • Repairs while you wait
  • New dentures
  • Re-line of old dentures in soft or hard acrylic
  • Delicate chrome frames
  • Addition of extra teeth
  • Sports gum shields
  • Night guards for preventing tooth grinding

Romford Denture Clinic gives advice in denture care:

  • Clean dentures twice daily with tooth brush and washing up liquid
  • If you use brand cleaning solutions, always follow the manufacturer’s directions
  • Never use toothpaste
  • Never use bleach or boiling water
  • If cleaning over sink, always fill with water first
  • Replace dentures after 5-7 years

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